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From trailblazers to Ken Fu to show the overall strength of the pump industry

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Deep ploughing pump industry more than 60 years, to provide customers with efficient energy saving, stable and reliable pump equipment and solutions, Guangdong Ken Fu pumping industry Limited by Share Ltd from the development of the pioneer, to build an old shop, the development of a pump enterprise vision is also a dr...
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  Deep ploughing pump industry more than 60 years, to provide customers with efficient energy saving, stable and reliable pump equipment and solutions, Guangdong Kenflo pumping industry Limited by Share Ltd from the development of the pioneer, to build an old shop, the development of a pump enterprise vision is also a dream. The 2017 Third China Expo Guangzhou exhibition, which has been held in recent years, has made a wonderful appearance, showing the deep accumulation and core strength of more than half of the world since the full range and multi angle.

Guangzhou ring fair

  Founded in 1954, in 2000, it turned into a private enterprise with a total assets of over 700 million yuan, with a total of more than 1000 employees. It has been identified as the key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program and the high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province. It has been evaluated as the top 500 of the Chinese machinery industry, the pump enterprises and the core competitive enterprises of the Chinese machinery industry enterprises, etc. ...     

  There is such a enterprise, which focuses on the application research of pump equipment in the industrial field. It is the founder of the large liquid ring vacuum pump in China. It is one of the two top design and manufacture of the world liquid ring pump. It is committed to building the old store and developing into a pump enterprise in Guangdong, the Kenflo pumping industry Limited by Share Ltd ("Kenflo pump"). 

Professional spectators stop to visit Ken Fu pump booth.

Multi product Guangzhou Expo

    In from September 20th to 22nd, at the 2017 Third China Expo Guangzhou exhibition held by the China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall, the Kenflo Lai pump industry carried the new products and technology to make its appearance, showing the profound accumulation and core strength of the company for more than 60 years.

KPS single stage double suction centrifugal pump 

  As one of the new main products of the Kenflo pump industry, the KPS single stage double suction centrifugal pump is based on the advanced hydrodynamics calculation method -CFD computer aided design and research and development, using the single stage, double suction, volute horizontal and two ends support structure, with high efficiency and low pulse, low noise, durable, convenient maintenance and so on. The advantages are heavy.

  KPS single stage double suction centrifugal pump is used for pumping clean water or weak corrosive liquid without solid particles and short fibers. It is suitable for water supply, industrial water supply and drainage, urban water supply, cooling water circulation, central air conditioning water circulation, high building water supply, building fire, boiler water supply, water conservancy irrigation and so on in the engineering system, especially for water. Water supply in factories, paper mills, power plants, thermal power plants, steel plants, chemical plants and irrigation districts. It is worth mentioning that SEBF or 1.4460k duplex stainless steel can also be used to transport corrosive media such as seawater.

  It is reported that the KPS series pump efficiency reached GB19762-2007 "energy efficiency limit value of clean water centrifugal pump and energy saving evaluation value", and obtained the certification of energy saving products. It has been listed in the "government procurement list of energy saving products", and has passed the CE certification of the EU and got the passport to enter the EU market.

QW submersible sewage pump

  QW submersible sewage pump is an energy-saving product developed by Ken Fu Lai pump on the basis of digestion and absorption of advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. Compared with similar products, the advantages of the products are mainly reflected in the following aspects:     

  The pump has small volume, compact structure, fixed wet installation, fixed dry installation and mobile installation. It has the characteristics of installation, disassembly, simple and quick. The unique impeller design and reasonable design of the worm room make the discharge performance of the pump very good, no blockage, and strong anti winding ability; the electronic monitoring system is used and has many kinds. The protection function makes the pump easy to control and has high safety and reliability; with high quality bearings, the rotor and impeller pass through the dynamic and static balance, make the pump run smoothly, the noise is low, the vibration is small, there is no effect on the ground, and the double end and single end combination mechanical seal is adopted to make the pump have no leakage and ensure the safe operation of the motor.

  The product has been successfully used in municipal engineering, pumping station, construction and other industries with solid and a variety of long fiber silt, wastewater, municipal sewage discharge treatment, but also suitable for rural biogas pools, farmland irrigation, water supply plant water plant and so on.

KCC standard chemical centrifugal pump

  KCC series standardized pump is a new generation of high quality products developed by CFD technology by Kenflo pump industry. Its superior water performance and structural features ensure reliable and low cost operation of the product. Conical and radial shaft sealing combined structure, and effectively improve the pump shaft strength, but also free from the erosion of the transmission medium; impeller optimization design and increase the flow design to make the pump performance beyond the ISO2858 standard; conforms to the API610 bearing composite structure.     

  This series of products are suitable for transporting the corrosive liquid, such as sewage, sea water, solvent and so on. It is mainly used in chemical and petroleum chemical industry, refinery, paper industry, sugar industry, sewage treatment, food and medicine and other industries.

The pioneer of the pump industry

  Based on the pump industry for more than 60 years, from small to large, from weak to strong, and then to the trend of the pump industry, the development of the Kenflo pump industry is the epitome of the development of the pump industry since the founding of new China.

  According to the data, as early as 1967, the 2YK-110 vacuum pump was developed to fill the blank of the country's large vacuum pump, which was originally developed by the Foshan pump factory of Guangdong province.Kenflo pump industry was originally a local state owned Foshan pump plant in Guangdong province. In 1997, it became the pump manufacturer of Southern China ISO 9001 quality system certification. In 2003, KPS series of high efficiency and energy saving single stage double suction centrifugal pumps were developed successfully. In 2004, it was recognized as the national Torch Program high and new technology enterprise. In 2006, the KCC series single stage chemical pump was awarded the three prize of China machinery industry science and technology award. In 2007, KPS series single stage double suction centrifugal pumps won national energy saving product certification and so on. 

  It is a good affirmation for Kenflo to break the domestic gap, and the success of the company is the inevitable result of the company's hard work for many years. As the national CAD application engineering demonstration enterprise, the Guangdong provincial informatization demonstration unit and the national metal corrosion control engineering technology research center SEBF Southern China research and development application base, the Ken Fu Lai pump industry attaches great importance to the talent and technology, and is one of its core strengths.

  According to the introduction, the provincial engineering technology research and development center of Kenflo pumping industry and the Guangdong enterprise technology center, with doctorate, master's, engineer and expert with national special allowance are a large number of professional and technical personnel and a team of high quality technicians. Through continuous scientific research input, technological innovation, production and research cooperation and the optimal allocation of assets, the company's new product development and technological progress have been promoted, and the core technology and special expertise of the company have been formed.     

  As a pioneer of the industry, the pump industry of Kenflo also has a clear understanding of the future development. With the penetration of the existing product market, the Kun Fu Lai pump industry improves market share and strengthens the strength of the company, improves the technical grade of the products by exploiting related products, increases the complete set of products, attaches importance to the application of the industry, gradually develops to the market, improves the competitive ability and profit ability of the products, and develops new products and opens up a new product. The new market will realize the strategic transfer of the market.

       The source of the article: China environmental protection online network
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